Joan Rivers Versatile Faceted Iridescent Black Beaded Necklace 31" long Tear Drop Vintage


    A vintage Joan Rivers Necklace - it has the Joan Rivers tag attached next to the lobster claso. The beads are large faceted iridescent beads alternating with tear drop shaped beads. There are three facetede beads, then a tear drop, three faceted, tear drop etc etc knotted between each bead.

    The beads are glass so they have a nice weight and they make a wonderful sound when they touch each other.

    This 31" necklace is sweater length. Would also work well with a linen shift dress or top.

    The color is black but due to the iridescent surface treatment makes the beads reflect all kinds of color - to me they appear brown/bronze. The color works with every color.

    You can wear this necklace to work or with jeans and a t-shirt but you can also wear it for more formal functions. Very versatile.

    Very good pre-owned condition without damage or repairs. The lobster clasp works properly and securely. The beads may show a little wear from "rubbing" - it's hard for me to see if this is the way they were made since I don't have a new necklace to compare to. It does not come with any original boxes or papers.