Our Brick and Mortar Store is Open                 Tue-Fri 10:30 to 5:30    and                          Sat 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

We are a mom and pop business - we've been in the Antiques and Collectibles Business for 25 years. When we started there was no internet shopping. Ebay didn't even exist back then - yep! You probably aren't able to imagine living before internet shopping but we did do just that. We traveled to antiques shows. We did the Metrolina Expo in Charlotte once a month with a small 20 x 10 space inside of Building 3. We did the Lakewood Show once a month in Atlanta and once in a while we did the Pride of Dixie show in North Atlanta. In so many ways we become nostalgic when looking back, however, when the kids were born we were glad to hear from other show dealers that they had tried Ebay and that it was amazing. We opened an eBay shop and started selling items online. After putting the kids to bed at night I had some hours of undisturbed time to figure it out. It took three days before we were able to get it all up and running - those were the days when we had to do a little programming in order to make it work! We also used a Sony Mavica camera to take digital photos. The camera stored the photos on a floppy disk that we then had to eject and insert into the PC in order to upload the photos to eBay. Did I mention that our internet connection was AOL dial up? When you fired it up you got the message: "You've got mail". We paid by the minute. When our customers bought something they had to send a personal check or a money order in the mail. Then we deposited the check and after it cleared we shipped the item. If people wanted it fast they had to use a money order or a bank check. 
The rest is history - we've had a brick and mortar antiques shop in Columbia, South Carolina since 2002. We have almost 10,000 square feet at our current location. Please, get in the car and come peruse the aisles. We have a lot of furniture and home decor including lighting and mirrors. Most of the items we sell online are small and easy to ship. 

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